EVOC has a Lighter MTB Backpack with Integrated Back Protection

The new EVOC Trail Pro backpack comes in 10-, 16-, and 26-liter sizes with integrated spine protection.

EVOC has a new protection backpack option in their line. The Trail Pro comes in 10-, 16-, and 26-liter sizes, and retails for $220, $240, and $260 respectively.

The Trail Pro 10 has zippered pockets on the hip-belt, while the 16- and 26-liter models add zippered mesh pockets to increase organizational storage. The bags include all of the usual accouterments we have come to expect from EVOC, like a rain cover, a helmet carrying compartment, and room for a 3L bladder (sold separately) with ergonomic hose guides.

The brand’s Lightshield Plus integrated spine protector reportedly meets some high safety standards. According to EVOC, its “two-component sandwich construction consists of a combination of expanded Polypropylene (EPP) and a TPU carrier layer. The highly compressed, water repellent EPP foam provides the best possible protection for the thoracic spine, the lumbar spine, and the coccyx. The side of the protector facing the back is constructed of plus-shaped elements. The interjacent sections provide ventilation channels for perfect air circulation. Simultaneously, this segmentation offers flexibility in all directions: the individual protector elements of the backplate move independently. This lets them adapt to every movement and ensures improved protection and comfort by having the protector as close to the back as possible.”

This Trail Pro pack is the first in the EVOC lineup to feature their adjustable shoulder strap width technology called Brace Link, allowing riders to space the shoulder straps to their body measurement. Additionally, there are no seams on the shoulder straps, neck, or upper shoulder area, reducing the amount of abrasion on clothing and skin.

Available now at EVOC and other retailers.