Dope MTB t-shirts from Evomo

We just got a couple t-shirts from the guys at Evomo and needless to say, we’re stoked. Mudhunny and I both opted for the iconic ‘Braincase’ shirt but now we fight every time we go out because we both want to wear the same shirt (unfortunately the twin look just ain’t in for couples). This is honestly my favorite t-shirt in the closet.


If you aren’t hip yet, Evomo is a mountain bike/BMX lifestyle apparel company out of California that designs and sells some seriously sick gear. Take the Braincase t-shirt for example: look closely and you’ll see the skull and cross bones is actually constructed entirely from bike parts. This shirt is so sweet a couple guys have even had the image permanently tattooed on their bodies (check out the Evomo blog for pics).

Evomo also sells original hats, socks, jerseys, and hoodies online. They even have free desktop pics to dress up your computer – I’m rocking this one right now:


Anyway, for some it may be a little late for back to school (or back to college) shopping but if you want to represent off the trail I highly recommend you get yourself over to and let them fix you up. Sick.

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