Does Someone Need a 240mm Dropper? OneUp Components Now Has One For You

OneUp now offers 30.6mm diameter dropper posts in 240mm and 90mm travel lengths to fit more bike and more riders.

Covering a travel range from 120-210mm with dropper posts didn’t cut it for the folks at OneUp, so they now offer a 240mm and 90mm version to fit all of the folks who have trouble finding pants that fit the inseam. Can apparel companies catch on to this broader sizing trend?

If 240mm sounds like a little much, the posts are shimmable by 10-20mm, like the other droppers from OneUp, which means that the 90mm option can also be reduced to 70mm of travel. They are recommending the 240mm post for “riders 6’ (183cm) or taller, or anyone on L to XXL frames” and claim that the 90mm option is “perfect for XS riders and XS bikes, kids bikes, gravel bikes, and any bikes with short or interrupted seat tubes.”

The new 240mm post weighs a reported 570g in the 30.9 diameter and retails for $229.50, while the 90mm dropper weighs 435g and retails for $199.50. The brand’s 41g remote is sold separately at $59.50. The 90mm travel posts will come in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters and the 240mm droppers will be available in 30.9, 31.6mm, and 34.9mm.

OneUp claims that their posts offer the lowest stack height and insertion length compared to any dropper with the same travel, letting us all find that maximum drop for our frame and legs. Those are some pretty bold claims, and we’re happy to see component brands fighting to design with fun in mind. Check their dropper calculator to see which size post will drop your ride.