Deal on Suunto Mountain Bike Watch

Amazon has a good deal on the Suunto T3 and Mountain Bike Pod Combo Pack. I hadn’t seen this watch before but apparently it not only tracks heart rate, calories burned, and splits but it also tracks your speed and distance via included bicycle pod. I have a Suunto X3 watch and it’s really a high quality watch so I’m guessing this one is pretty dope. Right now it’s $60 off – only $159.99. Looks like it also qualifies for free shipping which is sweet.

Suunto Mountain Bike Watch

The combo pack comes with the watch, a heart rate monitor, and bike pod so you’ll have everything you need. Not sure what makes this a “mountain bike” watch as opposed to just a general cycling watch but, hopefully the bike pod is a bit more rugged than what you’d expect for a road bike.

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