Camelbak Continues to Innovate

Camelbak basically invented the wearable hydration category but it seems like the upstarts have been getting all the attention lately. It’s not a dissimilar position to the one Apple is in with the smartphone market… but I digress. The point is Camelbak continues to improve their own tried-and-true designs, all in the name of keeping us well hydrated on the mountain bike trail.


Water bottles probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind when you hear the name Camelbak but the company actually puts out a great line. The Podium series was recently tweaked for better squeezability and to make the valve even easier to clean. Camelbak also produces an insulated bottle that holds up to 25oz. of frosty liquid. Who rides with water bottles instead of a hydration pack on the trail? This guy.

NV Back Panel

Camelbak’s NV back panel is a relatively new design that works to keep the pack off your back for improved ventilation and comfort. Each panel is independent so it can move with your body while keeping the spaces between panels open for maximum air flow. The company is offering the NV back panel in many of its most popular models this year including the M.U.L.E. and H.A.W.G.

UV Purification and Hunter Safety

This may be old news to many but Camelbak’s All Clear bottle is a $99 bottle with built-in UV water purification that’s dead simple to use. There’s a 60 second countdown timer that lets you know when your water is safe to drink and the rechargeable battery lasts for at least 80 refills–16 gallons. This could be a good option for bikepacking or even all day epics where you can’t (or don’t want to) carry enough water. The All Clear is also helpful when traveling to places like Mexico where even tap water can be unsafe to drink.

In many parts of the country fall means the start of hunting season and Camelbak has your back with bright colors like the hunter-orange pack M.U.L.E. pack shown here. Some trails even require riders to don orange and Camelbak has responded by making bright colors available in many packs in the line.

I recently started riding with a fanny pack (seriously) so I asked Camelbak marketing manager Seth Beiden about the possibility of producing something similar. While the company doesn’t have any plans in that area, he didn’t dismiss the idea which just goes to show Camelbak listens to customer feedback and is willing to consider (wacky) new ideas.

Camelbak continues to innovate in hydration and packs, building on the knowledge the company has gained through years of experience in the market. The 2013 product line looks great and should continue to deliver on the promise of never running on empty!