Best Mountain Bike Gifts Under $100

If you gave a mountain biker $100, what would they buy? After tires of course we'd pick up lights, bags, tools, and mtb clothes!

If you gave a mountain biker $100, what would they buy? We’re pretty sure most mountain bikers would answer tires. But because tires tend to be a personal choice, we put this handy dandy MTB gift guide together with our favorite mountain bike gifts under $100, in case you wanted to gift something other than rubber.

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1. Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite NTX+

  • Price: $95 ($62.93 sale)
  • Buy from Amazon

This handy multi-tool from Topeak has a mini ratchet, a variety of hex and Torx bits, a chain tool, plus a TorqBit for small torque adjustments. For its small size, the ergonomics beat using a foldable mini tool and the carrying case keeps all the pieces organized and portable for home or trail use if needed.

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2. Rapha Merino Arm Warmers

  • Price: $70
  • Buy from REI

Merino wool is basically the luxury fabric of the outdoor world, and for good reason. It insulates even when it’s wet, is breathable, resists odors, and has a softer feel than some other types of wool. All of this makes the Rapha Merino Arm Warmers a great choice, and a great gift. These are some of the nicest, no-sag arm warmers we’ve tested, and can be worn on or off the bike, turning any short-sleeve top into a long-sleeve, at least temporarily. Plus they’re ultra lightweight and packable wherever you may roam.

3. All Mountain Style High Impact Frame Guard Extra

AMS Frame Guard kits come with different-sized adhesives to protect your top or down tube and any other parts of your frame you want to protect from chips and scratches. The frame guard stickers are a fairly inexpensive way to keep your frame looking good, especially with dozens of print options like camo, graffiti, and even a few eerie Stranger Things styles.

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4. Reserve Fillmore Valves

Tire valves are such a tiny item; do they really need to be “upgraded?” Short answer: Yes. Standard Presta tubeless tire valves often become clogged with sealant over time, and the narrow opening makes seating tires with a big blast of air hit or miss. The Reserve Fillmore tubeless tire valves improve on the Presta design, and deliver premium quality riders will appreciate every time they air up a set of tires.

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5. Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

  • Price: $39.95 24oz standard mouth
  • Buy from Amazon and REI

You want your bike gear to last, so why not your everyday-carry water bottle too? These Hydro Flask insulated water bottles are some of our favorites to have an ice cold drink on hand in the summer and a warm beverage to go on cool mornings. The tall, slender bottle fits in most bags and cup holders and the fun colors like Lupine, Mesa, and Dew give off lively and adventurous vibes!

6. Tifosi Rail XC Sunglasses

  • Price: $79.95
  • Buy from Tifosi.

These affordable sunglasses from Tifosi are lightweight and provide wide coverage for cycling, mountain biking, running, and other outdoor sports like baseball. The Rail XC is offered with Fototec lens that change based on light conditions so there’s no need to swap lenses (non-Fototec lens glasses come with three interchangeable lenses). For the multi-sport athlete or any athlete on a budget, really, these sunglasses are a great buy.

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7. Nocs Provisions Zoom Tube

With the Zoom Tube you can check out birds and wildlife when you’re out and about. While not a standard mountain biking accessory, the Zoom Tube is easy to use, fun, and provides a new way to enjoy your time outdoors regardless of the activity.

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8. Wera 950/9 Hex-Plus Long Arm Multicolor Hex Key Set

  • Price: $52.50 ($34.99 sale)
  • Buy from Amazon and REI

No wishlist would be complete without an abundance of tool upgrades to consider. We like these Wera hex keys because the color coding makes them easy to grab and the plastic-coated handle is easy on your hands. And the nearly eight-inch-long 8mm hex tool is great length for those stubborn stuck pedals and Transmission derailleur mounts. If you don’t plan on also using these for general tasks around the house, there’s also a bicycle-specific Wera tool set that swaps out two of the hex tools for a Torx 10 and 25 heads.

9. Velocio Zero+ Cycling Glove

For winter bike rides, chilly or numb fingers can ruin a ride. We’ve found the Velocio Zero+ glove to be one of the best winter mountain bike gloves for temps in the low 30s to 40s. The Italian-made gloves are neither tight nor baggy and the warm, comfortable fit still allows for easy shifting and braking.

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10. Pearl Izumi Men’s Summit Barrier Jacket

The Pearl Izumi Summit Barrier Jacket is an uber lightweight and packable windproof jacket that can be stashed away in almost any pocket or bag. It drapes over the shoulders nicely without getting in the way while riding. It has a back tail to keep your behind dry and warm. Not-too-tight elastic bands around the waist and wrist keep the jacket in place when in motion. I found the sizing guide to be pretty accurate. The relaxed fit seems to keep mountain biking in mind but this jacket can easily be worn on any bicycle adventure. 

11. Lezyne Flow Cage Side Load Water Bottle Holder

  • Price: $19.99/pair
  • Buy from Amazon

These side loading water bottle holders really maximize the triangle space on small, compact frames. For larger frames that can hold two bottles, mount them on your top tube and down tube for easy access on either side you choose. Made of composite, each weighs around 51g and wraps securely around bottles on four sides.

12. Patagonia Dirt Roamer Hip Pack

The Patagonia Dirt Roamer is a mountain bike specific hip pack. It fits two water bottles and has space for lots of snacks, tools, electronics, and extra layers for all-day trail rides. Most importantly it’s comfortable and stable when riding singletrack. Quality materials and construction make this a pack that should last for many seasons on the trail.

Stay tuned for a full review of the Patagonia Dirt Roamer hip pack soon.

13. Specialized Tactic MIPS helmet

There’s no better way to let someone know you care about them than to give them the gift of head protection. The Specialized Tactic mountain bike helmet delivers safety and piece of mind, and because it’s comfortable, they’ll actually want to wear it on the trail. Choose from classic or round fits and three sizes to dial in the perfect match. More than half a dozen colors are available, at prices that are currently up to 50% off.

Specialized Flux 800 light tested

14. Specialized Flux 850 Bike Light

This powerful bike light sprays a wide, rectangular beam that covers more than enough trail at night. With a helmet mount included and a 3-hour run time (medium mode, 6-hour run time in low mode), you may find mountain biking at night is just as fun as it is during the day.

15. Race Face Atlas 35 Handlebar

These 35mm handlebars feel stable and aggressive on descents, making them a great gift for someone who has been progressing and pushing their limits this year. Oh wait, that’s you? Then you should totally go for the “Kash Money” gold-colored version.

16. Topo Designs Bike Frame Bags

We’ve been crazy about bike bags this year, for gravel bikes and mountain bikes, too. These matching bags from Topo Designs are made with 100% recycled nylon and they are very roomy, They’re also easy to move from bike to bike, or in the case of the handlebar bag, from bars to your body, thanks to a removable shoulder strap.

17. Oneup EDC v2 Tool

Gadgets make great gifts, especially when you’re gifting to gear-obsessed mountain bikers. The Oneup EDC system stashes a multi-tool in your steerer tube which not only saves space but also puts the tool front and center for when you need it.

18. Sea to Summit X-Pot

The Sea to Summit X-Pot is a collapsible, lightweight camping pot, but don’t worry, it only collapses when you want it to. Gift this functional and packable pot to any outdoor-lover and they’ll be cooking better-than-home-cooked meals at the campsite in no time.


19. McLeod Tool

  • Price: $79
  • Available at Amazon

Bikers are builders. Sure, we need bikes to ride but we also need trails, and a McLeod is easily the best hand tool for creating and maintaining singletrack trails. It’s a stiff rake; it’s a sharp hoe; it’s a dirt tamper. No wait, it’s all three!

20. Muc-Off 8-in-1 Cleaning Kit

The Muc-off ultimate bicycle cleaning kit is one of our favorite “tools” in the garage. The most critical parts of the kit — the pink Nano tech cleaning liquid and bike-wash-specific brushes — are also included in this smaller, more affordable, 8-in-1 cleaning kit. A clean bike is a happy bike, and a happy bike makes for a happy rider.

This content was originally posted November 12, 2022 and has been updated with new products.