Austria’s Woom Bikes Brings 2 Kids’ e-bikes to the US Market Today

Woom introduces two kids' e-bikes to the US market. Is this a great way to ride more with the kids, or a chance to spoil them rotten?

Austrian bike brand, Woom, claims to have some of the lightest kids’ bikes available, and today they add a pair of e-bikes to their offerings in the US. The brand says that these motorized bikes are intended for kids who already ride, and want to go further, or keep up with their parents on faster family outings. According to Woom, the little e-bikes could also take the place of a shuttle service, though the two hardtail models don’t look overly gravity-friendly.

The smaller model is called the UP5, and it rolls on 24″ wheels, with a Class1 e-bike motor that provides assistance up to 12 miles per hour. This smaller e-bike weighs a reported 35.6lbs and works well for riders between 7 and 11 years of age, and  50 to 57″ tall. The UP5 retails for $3,599 with a SRAM NX drivetrain and a 90mm air-spring fork.

Bumping the price up to $3,749, and the weight to 37.3lbs, the UP6 model receives a set of 26″ wheels and 90mm of fork travel. The larger bike is designed with 10- to 14-year-old youth in mind, or people from 55 to 65” tall. It uses the same SRAM NX drivetrain and 250w Fauza motor with a 250Wh battery capacity.

Your turn: Would your kiddo ride further, or enjoy mountain biking more with a little electric assistance?