Apple announces iBike

apple_logo.jpgIn a bold move to dominate the growing mountain biking industry, Apple today announced the June 1, 2008 release of the iBike – a mountain bike integrated with an MP3 player, GPS navigation system, and the ability to auto-dial 911 in the event of a crash or sudden deceleration in excess of 5Gs. The bikes will only be available in white and in a move to “make mountain biking simpler” the bikes will eschew shifters and derailleurs to include just a single gear. Pricing has not been set but expect to pay upwards of $5,000 for one of these babies.

Apple’s iBike makes use of some interesting new materials not seen on mountain bikes in the past. The frame is constructed of 100% magnesium which make the bikes lightweight yet supple; Apple claims this allows them to eliminate the rear suspension entirely while maintaining a responsive ride. And in yet another attempt to simplify the mountain bike, Apple has developed solid rubber tires that never go flat and never need to be filled with air – the rubber is engineered to maintain a hardness equivalent to 45 psi (55psi equivalent tires are available as an upgrade).

Mountain bikers are already lining up outside Apple’s Soho store in NYC to be among the first to purchase an iBike when they’re released in June. Some critics contend that many of those in line will simply flip the bikes on eBay since they will be in such high demand and short supply when they’re released so if you want to get yours, you better get in line now.

April Fools.