Affordable Tires, Aftermarket Suspension Links, and Technical Trail Tools at Crankworx Whistler 2022

We take a second lap at Crankworx Whistler to see what else is new and exciting in the village, including new packable trail tools, affordable MTB tires, and more.

Following our last batch of photos we’ve managed to sort through a few more to bring you some tech highlights from one of the biggest mountain bike festivals in the world. Get scrolling to see some shiny anodized parts, new tires, and crazy engineering.

Delium tires are affordable and promise excellent performance

Despite producing both lower-end and high-end tires for other brands for decades now, you’d be forgiven for not knowing about the recently launched tire brand Delium. The company is working to bring premium tires to customers at much lower than premium prices. With four different tread patterns on offer and three different casing options in both major wheel sizes, there’s something there for most riders.

The higher-end tires boast triple-compound rubber for all the grip and a reinforced casing with a unique insert to ward off pinch flats, all at the bargain price of $58USD. Delium had their ‘Rugged‘ and ‘Versatile‘ tread patterns on display, both of which look extremely promising, and one of them looking quite familiar. I’ll let you work that one out. Available for purchase now at Worldwide Cyclery.

Lezyne shows off their new compact trail tools

Lezyne had just some their huge array of cycling-specific tools to show off including some new additions to their range to compete with the burgeoning market of integrated and/or stashable tools.

One of the smarter things they had on display was this CNC Tubeless Drive pump. With a high volume stroke and a flippable chuck for seating tubeless tires without the valve core, and everything you need to repair a trailside tubeless emergency, this thing actually packs down absolutely tiny for what it is, and is available for a totally reasonable $80USD. Available at JensonUSA and other retailers.

Also on show were a bunch of hidden Air Tag holders to mount either under a bottle cage, under a saddle, or integrated into a bottle cage starting at $17.49 for the saddle-mounted version and topping out at $29.99 USD for the bottle cage. The packable Multi Chain Pliers on display were pretty neat with integrated chain breaker, room for two master links, and with a valve core tool and rotor truing tool built in, as well as the obligatory bottle opener. $39.99 at Amazon and Backcountry.

Adding to their tubeless repair kit line was this Pro Tubeless Kit that packs more into a tiny package a little bigger than a chapstick, including CO2 inflater, plugger/reamer, plugs, a small plastic piece to keep plugs from pulling out, and a knife for trimming the ends. Retailing at $39.99 this should be coming out next month.

Cascade Components machines suspension upgrades and more in house

Cascade Components had a whole selection of their aftermarket links on show. Designed and CNC’d in house, Cascade links mostly promise improved progression over stock leverage curves and quite often add a little extra travel. Mixed amongst the links was a sweet new chain guide/bash guard, their superbly machined brake calipers designed to replace a SRAM Code caliper for more power, now with improved sealing, and a couple of aftermarket Fox DHX2 mullet shock eyelets designed to lengthen the shock and raise the BB for anyone that wants to mullet their 29er with a coil DHX2. Worth noting is that there’s an option for a spherical bushing, designed for trunnion mount shocks that are prone to side-loading. Smart.

Etnies have a vegan bike shoe and now a clipless shoe

A new vegan shoe??

A big fan of Etnies since my grungy teenage days their shoes are comfy, look great, and typically last really well. Now with a new clipless shoe in the Camber CL MTB and a vegan shoe for flats that I can’t seem to find any info about online yet but looks almost identical to the Semenuk Pro MTB shoes.

FSA has a Bright future

FSA had a bunch of interesting bikes at their booth drawing people in, including this Norco and Guerrilla Gravity with upside down suspension forks from Italian manufacturer Bright Suspension Works. Details were thin on the ground but they sure looked cool.

Also attached to the GG was this Gradient aluminum bar that promises better vertical compliance thanks to flattened sections where the bar rises.

Other Standouts include this hollow, two-piece CNC’d KFX crank and this unique mobius-strip-looking Gradient direct mount stem.

Lazer’s lightweight helmet is DH certified

Lazer’s new Cage KinetiCore full face helmet is fully DH certified but designed to be well vented and cool to wear, ideal for enduro and hot bike park days. It incorporates new KinetiCore technology which helps protect from rotational impacts similarly to MIPS Integra used in POC helmets, and has a Fidlock buckle, which we like.

That’s it folks! Thanks for reading, hopefully you’ll see some of these products in more detail soon.