A Peek at the Ibis Ripley AF for the Upcoming Singletracks Mid-Travel MTB Mashup

The Ibis Ripley AF is the next mid-travel trail bike that’s in for testing as a part of our upcoming Mid-Travel Mountain Bike Mashup which drops this fall.

Singletracks is preparing a massive mid-travel mountain bike mashup for this fall, and we’ll be sharing previews of each test bike as they come in this summer ahead of the full video and written reviews. If there’s something you want to know about any of these bikes, ask us in the comments and we’ll find an answer before the leaves begin to tumble. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified as soon as each video review drops.

Ibis released the Ripley AF early this year, nearly two seasons after the latest revision of the carbon Ripley, and the aluminum frame gains weight, value, and a punch, all while reducing the price tag by around $2,000 on some of their complete builds. The travel stays the same at 120mm with a DW-link and a 130mm fork up front, but the geometry is more aggressive.

The head tube angle gets 1° slacker and settles at 65.5° and the seat tube angle… well it actually stays the same at 76°. The wheelbase on the AF is a bit longer too, by 10mm, but other than that, the geometry is pretty similar. Chainstays are still 432mm, and the reach is the same on our medium at 450mm. The standover drops a little, to 703mm, making the bike quite low slung.

Our test bike is also a mashup, compared to the regular builds. Ibis was running low on test bikes, but managed to send one with a Shimano SLX build kit, which normally sells for $4,100, but with Schwalbe tires, instead of Maxxis (the change was welcome). Normally you’d get a Bike Yoke Revive dropper post, but our test bike came with a 150mm Kind Shock dropper. Otherwise, the build includes Shimano 2-piston brakes, Ibis S35 rims and Ibis hubs, and Fox Performance suspension.

The Ibis Ripley AF has been a favorite of ours to test so far, with its ease of approachability, lower price, and a can-do-excellently on any kind of terrain attitude. We’re excited to share the full review soon.