4 Types of Decals for Mountain Bike Nerds

MTB decal
Photo: Decal Trend

Are you an absolute nerd when it comes to mountain biking? I’m not just asking if you know a lot about mountain bikes–how to build them, fix them, ride them–I’m asking if you geek out off the trail as much as you do on it. I’m talking about an incessant desire to declare to the world you shred, literally shouting it from the mountain top. I’m talking about the unceasing propensity to drown every little crack in your life with the mountain bike Kool-Aid, leaving nobody in the wake wondering what you do in your spare time. You wear a mountain biker’s badge like the scarlet letter (but unashamed). Maybe it gets to the point where you kind of look like a tool… maybe a bit of a poseur… but who cares! You love mountain biking! You eat it, sleep it, breathe it, live it, and apologize to no one for it.

If you’re a mountain bike nerd, your favorite trail top will also double as your shirt for tonight’s date with that special someone in your life. If you’re a bike nerd, you save old chains, tubes, and tires because you’re going to make something “cool” and “useful” out of them someday. If you’re a bike nerd, your real job is far from one in the bike industry, but nevertheless, you show up ready to go in your gravity flats. And, for today’s topic, if you truly geek out about the ride, you put stickers on stuff. Lots of stuff!

Here are some mountain biking-dedicated decals for my nerds who can’t just leave it all out on the trail, but want to make sure every passer by knows what you live for.

Wall Decals From Decal Trend

MTB decal
Photo: Decal Trend

Nothing says, “Ya, I mountain bike,” like plastering a 46×75-inch decal of a mountain biker over your wife’s new Söderhamn in the entry way side room that, until now, was only used for displaying awkward family photos and hand knit doilies. Decal Trend vinyls are handmade, made to order, shipped worldwide from the US, and they have dozens of other biker renditions if this one doesn’t stir your mountain biking soul. Most decals come in four different dimensions and just about any color you can fancy. So strip the walls of your wedding day and yearbook face shots because it’s tea time with the neighbors under your dank new decal.

Laptop Decals From Stick Any

MTB decal
Photo: StickAny

Tricking out your Mac isn’t anything knew, but why not try something other than a bunch of brand stickers, you tool. Stick Any makes it simple and sexy with this pedal/crank/chainring decal that comes in as many sizes and colors as there are PCs and Macs (including phones and tablets). Stick Any decals are made in the USA, ship worldwide, have a 10-year guarantee, and freaking sticker insurance (whaaaa!). If anything untoward happens to the decal, just send Stick Any a photo and they’ll replace it for free.

Bike Brand Decals From Infinity 270

MTB decals

Nothing will rattle the competition more than showing up to your next endur-bro race looking like you’re sponsored. On the other hand, nothing puts you at a higher risk of looking like a complete tool outside that race than coating your car bumper to bumper with these things, but what the hell. From Infinity 270, get a few seconds on the comp and get your fanboy on with brands from BMC to Trek and beyond. Infinity 270 decals are made to order and shipped worldwide from Indonesia. You sponsored, bruh?!

Car Window Decals From Krittah Stickers

MTB decals

Perhaps the most obvious and most modest space in your life to outwardly express your passion to others and where most nerd-newbs will begin exploring–the car window. Krittah Stickers are handmade, made to order, evolutionary stickers (get it) and come in different sizes and a slew of colors.

So go ahead and introduce some vinyl into your vida or contemporize your current cling with an outward expression of some cool, new decals. Check out some others below, available now…

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