2022 Orbea Rallon Model Keeps Geometry Chip, Gains Mixed Wheel Link and Stash Space

The last update for the Orbea Rallon maintained the frame, with a link swap for added progressivity and more travel. This current revision sees a new “Mullet Link” option for mixed-wheel fans, an added downtube storage compartment, and a crank-captured multi-tool, in addition to several geometry shifts. There are now small through XL size carbon frames to fit a wider variety of body types above the 160mm of rear travel and 170mm fork, and each of them can be personalized via the My-O paint program. A variety of builds will be priced from €4,299 to €8,999.

We asked, and Orbea delivered with this gear stash in the Rallon downtube. Thank goodness no one has managed to patent cutting holes in stuff. With more of these stash compartments coming on the market, we can stop scratching our bikes with gear straps. The Rallon also comes with a crank-mounted multi-tool, further reducing riders’ dependence on backpacks and sharp pocket cargo.

Orbea says that progressivity throughout the 160mm of travel has expanded at both ends, up from 22% to 33% progressivity across the 160mm rear axle path. Increasing the bottom-out resistance for hard hits while decreasing the amount of energy required to get the rear axle moving over smaller bumps seems a good recipe for fast fun, and they left the anti-squat and anti-rise alone, stating that their EWS racers love the way the bike handles under hard braking and sprinting energies. The updated kinematics also allow for a more rearward axle path through the first chunk of travel, which should create a smoother and more comfortable overall ride.

On to the angles, the Rallon’s Head tube is a full degree slacker in the “low” position at 64°, the chain stays are 5mm longer at a balanced 440mm, and the BB is 3mm lower than the 2021 model. The seat tube is 2° steeper, at 76.5° in low and 77° in the high position. Overall, these look like some proper numbers for a fast enduro racing bike.

Head over to the Orbea site to learn more about the 2022 Rallon. We will have one in for test soon, so stay tuned for the full review this winter.

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