2010 Formula Brake Offerings


While walking around Interbike I had to swing by Formula Brake and chat with Christoph Vogl about this year’s line up. It looks like they did so well on improving the line last year that there are no major changes this year other the introduction of the new RX series brake which is great for all types of riding (except DH). At about 351 grams the RX brakes are nothing to sneeze at and with 22mm pistons these will generate some serious force.

picture-371I was especially interested in learning more about THE ONE, a brake set designed for everything from enduro to DH. As far as the Formula line is concerned these are just awesome brakes – super powerful with 24mm pistons and a low weight to performance ratio. (just 308 grams, lighter than many XC brakes you may be familiar with). What makes these brakes special is that both the master cylinder body and the caliper are forged, allowing the engineers to remove unwanted material while creating a stronger brake.


If all goes well I’ll be performing a full review on one or two of these brake sets in the near future. In the meantime, check out formula-brake.com for more info and details on other great brake sets.