2008 MTB Holiday Gift Guide

mtb-gift-guide.jpgYep, it’s cyber Monday and that means it’s time for the singletracks MTB holiday gift guide. We’ve picked out great mountain bike gift ideas for everyone from cheapskates to high rollers and organized them for your viewing pleasure. Many retailers are offering special discounts today so be sure to click through to find out more about these products. Just two highlights:

The singletracks gift subscription

That’s right, we’ve made it simple for you to purchase a mountain bike gift subscription and we can even take care of wrapping and shipping your gift certificate for you! Or, take advantage of our buy-one-get-one for $5 offer and get two singletracks subscriptions for as little as $24. Sweet.

Velo Sport Hanger


This is a seriously cool gift for anyone who rides. These hangers are made entirely from bike parts: spokes for the hanger and cross-member, bike rims for the top portion, and a schrader valve to connect the hanger to the rim.  The hangers are inscribed with bikey quotes like this one from Albert Einstein: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” I doubt you’ll find a more original MTB gift this season.

Also remember to check out our mountain bike deals page. We’ve added a live feed of the chainlove one-deal-at-a-time (ODAT) offer plus dozens of deals from JensonUSA. Be sure to check the deals page often as the ODAT changes every few hours. Happy holidays!

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