15 Fat Bikes Bringing Traction to the Masses

Sarma Shaman & Vortex



Sarma is based out of Siberia (seriously!) where I’m guessing they know a thing or two about getting around in the snow. The company is clearly focusing on the high end of the fat bike market with the $5,000+ carbon Shaman that was on display at Interbike. The company specs this as either a 4″ traditional fat bike or as a 29+ bike, though as you can see in the photo above the 29+ tire has very little clearance with the Bluto fork. As a point of reference, I couldn’t get my finger in between the tire and fork pictured above. Somebody, please come out with a proper 29+ suspension fork!


I didn’t get a ton of info on the Sarma Vortex but it’s also carbon and will accommodate tires up to 5″. As such, this is more of a snow bike, hence the lack of a suspension fork up front. -Jeff

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