10 New Fat Bike Tires at Interbike 2014

Gone are the days when the only way you could get a fat bike tire was by giving Surly a call. At Interbike 2014, it seemed like every mountain bike tire manufacturer had at least one fat bike tire on display. We did our best to track all the fatties down, and here’s what we found:


The Kenda Juggernaut is a 4.5″ fat bike tire featuring dual tread compound and 60 TPI casing.


The Maxxis Mammoth is a 4″ fat bike tire with 120 TPI casing. Maxxis also had their new 29+ Chronicle tire on display, which you can read more about here.


The Duro Big D is a 4″ fat bike tire.

IMG_0020 panaracer

At the Panaracer booth we spotted the Fat B Nimble 29+ tire. While based on our conversation this tire is still in the testing phases and isn’t quite to production yet, it looks like it’s not far off!


While we didn’t get a chance to meet with 45NRTH at Interbike this year, they recently released the new Van Helga. This folding tubeless-ready tire features a dual compound design and is available in 120 or 60 tpi.


Schwalbe’s token fat bike tire is the Jumbo Jim, and it’s a 4.8″ beast. Singletracks Jim met with Schwalbe at Interbike and says when he asked about the tire, the rep said “Uh, yeah, it’s over there somewhere behind the desk.” Even though it seems the company isn’t pushing the tire too hard, Jim is upset they decided to name a fat bike tire after him.

“I am pretty mad about that. I’m watching my figure, Schwalbe, you jerks. I can’t help that beer is delicious.”


While maybe Surly is no longer the only fat bike tire manufacturer, they are still by far the most prolific producer of fat bike tires, with only Vee Rubber anywhere near their prolificacy. The Surly Big Fat Knard (pictured above), previously only available as a 4-inch tire, ups the ante with a 5″ width.


The 3-inch-wide 29+ Surly Dirt Wizard is going to bring a heck of a lot of traction to the 29+ game! I can’t wait to get on a full suspension 29+ all mountain rig with these beefy treads on it… I predict one day soon we’ll see a bike with unprecedented trail crushing power featuring this tire!

veerubber studded untitled event - 3588

The Vee Rubber Snowshoe XL is ready to lay down some ridiculous traction thanks to serious winter studs! If ever a 4.8″ tire just isn’t enough traction, grab the studded Snowshoe XL for maximum grip.

The new Vee Rubber Bulldozer, on the far right, measures 4.7" wide.

The new Vee Rubber Bulldozer, on the far right, measures 4.7″ wide.

Your Turn: Know of any new fat bike tires we missed? Tell us about them in the comments section below!