Happy Winter Soltice Mountain Bikers!


If you live in the northern hemisphere, today and tomorrow are officially the shortest days of the year. At first that fact might seem depressing but the good news is the days are only getting longer from now until June!

Even though the days are short and cold there are still plenty of opportunities to ride – you just need to be a little more creative. If you’re lucky enough to live within driving distance of an indoor MTB park like Ray’s or Joyride 150 you can ride no matter the weather or the daylight. For some of us weekends are the only chance to ride in the sun but that doesn’t mean you can’t go mountain biking after work – just strap on a set of lights and go.


Indian Creek trail photo posted by singletracks member Funrover

If cold weather is keeping you off the bike then the only thing you need is a little mental adjustment (and perhaps some warmer clothes). Singletracks members Funrover and Outdoornut have been posting pics of their snow rides proving that even a foot or more of the white stuff can’t stop a determined rider. For me the only (valid) excuse not to ride is wet trails or rain.

So tomorrow night I’m starting a new tradition of my own and going for a night ride on the shortest day of the year. Cheers to longer days!

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