2012 Olympic MTB Venue: Hadleigh Castle


photo courtesy hadleighcountrypark.co.uk

Back in September UK officials finally settled on a location for the Olympic mountain bike competition after the UCI determined that the Weald Country Park course wasn’t challenging enough. The Hadleigh Castle site sits on about 550 acres and includes open, grassy areas along with forested stretches that should make for an interesting course. The best part? The site will now remain open to mountain bikers after the Olympics!

I know the summer Olympics are still more than 2 years away but I’m already excited about the MTB race. The Hadleigh Castle ruins are more than 700 years old and will provide a pretty amazing backdrop to all the action. I looked at some pics this weekend and the castle ruins sorta remind me of Mount Falcon just outside Denver (though about 600 years older). Too bad I can’t set my TiVo now – I don’t want to miss a thing. 🙂

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