Selling a used mountain bike can be a difficult task, particularly once the paint has been chipped and worn through over the years. There are loads of companies designing translucent and graphic frame protection kits, and even more DIY tricks to protect your paint. 

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  • C-Lo

    Electrical tape on the chainstay. That is usually it.

  • DanK_NoCo

    Big piece of clear PVC below the down tube to ward off huge dents. Nothing, for the rest of the bike.

  • rmap01

    Wrapped the chain stay of my aluminum frame bikes with moisture sealing electrical tape which works great. But on my carbon bike I wish I had wrapped the entire frame as it seems to scratch waaaay easier.

  • kangaldog

    Why bother protecting a metal that doesn’t rust. Bedsides a scratched and dirty bike is less likely to get stolen than a super flashy paint job that screams “ Take Me “ .

  • samjames2018

    I’ve been using the All Mountain Style kits on my bikes in high wear areas. They’re super tough, and I don’t really care about the rest of the frame. If you crash and hit something hard, ridewrap style tape is going to save your paintwork.

  • Jason Ekman

    3M clear tape off Amazon. 25$, the last bike I sold I peeled off the tape and the frame looked brand new.

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