Google Glass GDK announcement event in San Francisco. Photo: Ariel Zambelich/WIRED

Strava recently demo’d an app for Google Glass that promises to turn every ride–and possibly even your daily walk from the car into the office–into a competition. The app is said to include alerts to let riders know when they’re approaching a segment during a ride and it makes key stats like speed and distance visible at a glance. But perhaps more importantly (for the company’s lawyers anyway), Strava’s Google Glass app is designed to allow riders to remain more “situationally aware” during the ride.

It’s not too surprising to see fitness apps for biking making their way to wearable tech like Google Glass; GPS watches have been available since before the days of the smartphone. Recon Instruments even showed a set of ski goggles with a heads-up-display at Outdoor Retailer in 2012. With the number of Google Glass users numbering just a couple thousand, it’s unlikely the new Strava app will get much use initially, though the company is well positioned as one of the first fitness apps for the platform.

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  • delphinide

    It still seems like it is a distraction and increases the danger for others and the rider.There are some other new products that claim to do this as well…but I personally try to get rid of as much tech as I can when I ride. I like looking at my ride data and photos later…but I don’t even ride with music anymore. Plus I want to slap people when they go by me with external speakers blaring (yes, you…the idiot scaring away the wildlife with your Doppler-effected-warbled rendition of ‘Rollercoaster’)

  • AJ711

    How much does Google Glass cost? $1,500? I’m certainly not going to spend that much on something only to potentially bonk off something and wreck it.

    While I also regret not choosing “PILOT” as a service selection, I don’t need a HUD while riding. Again, I can be far too distracted by other things on the trail, I don’t need a reminder of segments ridden or other junk.

    It is a great idea and implementation, just not for me.

    • Jeff Barber

      Good point–stuff tends to happen to eyewear on the MTB trail and I’d hate to destroy a pair of $1500 glasses!

  • JSatch

    stravaholes can now be more ‘situationally aware’ they are lagging the kom and need to go faster.


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