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      We’rw looking for a new bike, we would like it to be full suspension, reletively light and not that pricy.Thanks to anyone who answers!

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      I also though that the Salsa Caballero looked good. Has anyone heard anything bad about that bike. Link

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      I’m a (big) Super Light fan a lot of bike for the money(simple and light). I am 6.2 over 200lbs have beat and I mean beat one for four or five years. XC, mountain cross, dual slalom, Downieville, NorthStar, Demo.

      Riding is life all else is waiting

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      I second the Superlight…. Simple, light, and fairly well priced.

      I’d also suggest a Gary Fisher Cake. Those bikes are very nice.

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      Does anyone have a link to those, I’ve heard of them but can’t really find them.

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      Thanks, I’ll show them to him when he gets home.

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      If you Dad’s serious about weight and speed, I’d put the Superlight in front of the Cake. I’m a pretty big Santa Cruz fanboy, but hear me out on the Gary Fisher……

      If his riding includes some rough trails, epic rides, and the occasional big hit/small drop, the Cake is the better bike…. Plus the hydroformed tubing and asymetrical swingarm are works of art. The bike is also really light, a large Cake1 weighs in at or around than 28lbs, IIRC.

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      He’s not the technical kind of person.

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      In that case….

      Unfortunately, Gary Fisher doesn’t sell frame-only bikes….. 😢

      Otherwise, if you could find a Cake frame, with a race parts spec, one could definitely be turned into a rocket. The Genesis Geometery places a rider in an ideal attack position, as well as a good climbing position. If I was a XC racer, I wouldn’t hesitate to turn a Cake into a race bike.

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      Thanks for all the help! He likes the superlight, but he backed down a little when he saw the price of the high end one. ($4667) 😆

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      Heck, a Cake 3 DLX is a really nice starting point…. you get hydro-disc brakes, a decent fork and shock, and LX level drivetrain…. for $1759.

      I almost forgot….

      Check out the Jamis Dakar series of bikes…..

      I’ve seen a couple of them in person, and seen what they can do…. And from what I remember, they’re pretty competitively priced as well.

      http://www.jamisbikes.com/usa/bike_intr … intro.html

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      Thanks again for all the tips! 😄 We are also looking at Kona and Cannondale as we can get 20-30% of on all of the Kona bikes and some of the Cannondale.

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