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      Discuss mountain bike trails and locations in Wyoming and get the latest updates on trail conditions here. Send a PM to trek7k if you would like to be considered for the Wyoming forum moderator position (don’t forget to include the name of the state you would like to moderate).

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      I was up at Happy Jack yesterday (10/24/06), and there was too much snow still on the north side for riding. 😠 It also looked to wet with some snow from the Summit trialhead. Try riding Vedauwoo from Blair Wallis TH.

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      2-18-2007: It’s supposed to be in the 40’s today in SE WY, making the riding itch worse! However, there’s still snow on all of the good trails. Might have to stick to the pavement of the Laramie Greenbelt if you’re feeling the need to ride in the Laramie Area. 😢 Pilot Hill might be worth a try, but don’t expect much.

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      I just rode the lower part of Pilot Hill, and I was at least rideable. There is more snow the higher you go. The mud on the lower section isn’t too bad, especially with all the bedrock. A lot of the doubletrack around east Laramie should be snowfree, but your best bet is to ride before the ground thaws. 😉

      First ride of the year, and coming down hill into a 25MPH headwind….better than nothin’!!

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      After my first trip to Moab, UT I’m ready for the riding season to begin in SE Wyoming, and in fact it has. I’ve ridden Pilot Hill twice, and I’m sure some of Vedauwoo will be somewhat rideable soon. Last year I rode it starting April 1 when I moved to Laramie, but had to ride early in the day before the thaw and there was still remnant snow drifts. Make sure as you start spinnin’ to be trail conscious and only ride when the trails are frozen or dry. Unfortunately, some trails won’t be completely dry until July….

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      Winter storm in Laramie this weekend. 8-20" of snow in the northern Laramie Range. 😢 Looks like it’ll be a while before Vedauwoo, Happy Jack, and anything in the snowys will be rideable. 😠

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      Well, I went snowshoeing at Happy Jack today (5.6.07) after about 10inches of snow fell over the weekend. 😢 That probably delays the opening of Happy Jack. Its supposed to be in the 70’s later this week, and I suspect the Vedauwoo will dry fairly quickly and be ready to ride this weekend if not earlier.

      Such is life in Laramie. I heard summer will be on a Tuesday this year. 😉

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      …well, winter is officially here as of about 1 week ago. I had actually ridden about two weeks ago prior to my trip to Fruita over Thanksgiving. But, its over….

      Time for overhauls, cleaning, and tuning. Umph!

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      Curt Gowdy is open and rideable.

      Turtle Rock (Vedauwoo) still has some big snow drifts. It’ll probably be another 1-2 weeks before it is dry and all rideable. Some have been riding it already.

      The west side of Vedauwoo from Blair-Wallis trailhead might be open, especially cow trail.

      Happy Jack, well….probably another month till its open and dry. 😏

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      I rode Summit and Headquarters Trails today. There were some wet spots, but mostly in sandy areas that you could ride and not damage the trail. I didn’t check out any other areas yet. My guess is alot of the network will be rideable within the next week if it is not already, except for maybe the trails going trought wet/aspen meadows.

      Oh…I did see a nice group of horses and a group of dirt bikes. Needless to say, I don’t think the trails are ready for those user groups….but it’s Memorial Weekend, what do you expect…. 😏

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      I find it too scary at times, especially when the snow is wet. You can dare but still be careful. By the way what were the horses doing there????
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      I’ve heard there are some great trails in the Uintas but there’s no one to ride with here and even experienced outdoorsmen get lost out there by themselves. so i’ve never hit any of them.

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