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      This isn’t MTB related at all, but there seem to be a bunch of folks around here who have a major bmx background. Hope you don’t mind the off-topic question.

      My son’s gotten big enough for it, so we dug my wife’s old (84/85) Hutch Trick Star out of storage and are getting it rolling again. I had already serviced all the bearings a few years ago, so we just replaced tires (odyssey) / brakes / grips (ODI Ruffian Mini baby!)/ saddle (GT) and pedals (found a set of bear-trap looking for $20 new). The original wheels are pretty shot. Faded badly and lots of grime perma-seated into the pores. We were going to just put a set of decent modern spoked wheels on it, but I just found out skyway is manufacturing again which raises the question: Would you go new-school w/ spokes, or stick with the old-school Tuff II’s? (orig were yellow, but we’d probably go with black.) Heck, they even have some that you can double-cog and flip-flop the gearing. Nice to see that on the old school wheels.

      BTW, have been having a good time working on this with the kiddo. Using it as a learning opportunity so he’s been doing most of the wrench turning. Should have seen his face when the folks at the bike shop started complimenting him and kicking the tires (so to speak) when he rolled it into the shop.

      Oh, and we’re building this as a rider… Frame has been repaired at some point in its past so collector value is reduced anyhow, and what’s the point of a bike if you can’t ride it! So, we’re not even trying to stick with true original parts, but are generally trying to keep the overall look "like it should be" We will be powdercoating it pretty soon also(flat black; son’s choice)

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      I say go with some lime green sky ways, I have an 01 K2 Pro 20 with XS 3 spoke mags, I just think they look sweet. But I think the green and flat black would look sick.

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      +1 for the green, that would look pretty amazing.

      I always ran spokes though, for what it’s worth.

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      Thanks guys.

      We had discussed green and black, but he didn’t dig it at the time. The scheme was originally my wife’s idea.

      After he read your comments, sounds like he’s back on board with it… Bet (if the thought sticks all the way) it’s gonna look great…

      Too bad we’re gonna have to replace some of the new black bolt-ons with green to match. 😛

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