What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen while on a trail?

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      im bored i wanna hear

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      a kid standing butt naked in the middle of the trail. he was four and he had just gone swimming with his parents. apparently he had alot of sand in his pants so he ran off to take them off.

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        Did you give him a $1 for the show?

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      I’ve posted this before for a similar thread:

      I got lost mountain biking in a county park years ago. I ended up coming off a trail that dumped out on some ancient, abandoned logging road. There was this car parked there, (not certain how it even got there, the road was in really rough shape) trunk open, and some guy, with elbow-length black rubber gloves on, taking small black trash bags out of the trunk of the car and into the woods. I rode by and said “Hi” the man just glared at me. I sprinted out of there as fast as I could pedal.

      I spent the next few weeks reading the local newspapers checking to see if anyone’s wife was missing. I thought that she might be what was in those trash bags.  : – O

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      Dude,  there is no topping that one.  That is like murder-mystery/horror film stuff

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      Not super weird, but a trail runner with headphones in, singing at the top of his lungs as he ran.

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      A guy walking around with basketball shorts down around his knees with his you know what hanging out, I startled him and he pulled them up quick. People are weird.

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      A triceratops.

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      Not super weird but pretty funny:

      I was out on a ride with a group of friends and suddenly the call of the wild hit me, I went up the trail a bit from where we had stopped and suddenly there was a toilet! It must’ve been put up there by the builders many years ago because it was overgrown and at the very top of the mountain. Didn’t use it but I put a sticker on the bowl and went on my merry way.

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      A VHS copy of the movie Stuart Little.

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      A mile deep into the trail, we find a white wicker chair in the middle of the trail.??!!

      Blair Witch??


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      Three girls standing in a clearing in the forest with their tops off painting each other with body paint.

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