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      I have a Specialized Hardrock Sport. The fork that came stock (SR Suntour SF7-XCM) on it really isn’t all to great you can set it all the way firm or all the way soft and there is almost no difference. (Sorry if I am not saying things correctly I am bran new to the sport, but I have definetly caught the bug). But I was wondering if anybody has run anything that works well but isn’t to high priced. Thank you for your time.

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      I just bought a Rock Shox Dart 3 for my Trek 4300. I haven’t gotten to ride with it yet, but I’ve tested out a Dart 2 and it seemed pretty good, so I can only imagine the Dart 3 will be at least that good. I paid $130 for it at Beyondbikes.com, wich isn’t too expensive. Anyways I am a rookie also, so you might want to get a second opinion before taking my advice.

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      thank you for the advice at anyrate….

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      going from a suntour to a dart 3 will be a small difference may be the diffenrence for you may not. If your thinking about gettin anything nicer unfortuantly with the money youll spend it would work out better upgrading the whole bike.

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      "Mongoose" wrote

      If the basic XC riding is what you will be doing, then by all means stay with the Dart, but if you are going to be doing any form of jumping, freeriding, or AM riding, then those fork shocks are out of the question.

      For us new riders can you elaborate a tad on the following statement.

      More specificly, what do you consider "any form of jumping"?

      Or it might be easier to specify what you consider cross country. Surely it entails some small jumps and hills.

      I’m also wanting to upgrade a crap suntour to something that will help the roots and ruts a tad more.

      Problem is that with V brakes, shock selection appears to be limited. The Tora series seems to be about as high as you can go before disk brakes are needed as well. I’d like to ride my current bike about a year before upgrading to a nicer bike.


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      Thanks for the clarification.

      No 6ft jumps for me yet. 😆
      That will definitely be next year on a better bike. Right now 3ft is about my max (old man here). The Tora is what I’ve been eye-balling so I may go that route for the time being.

      I’m a small framed guy so not too worried about bottoming out a shock but I see that a shock being to rigid may be an issue.

      Having a blast with what I am doing so I guess in the end that is all that matters. ;)

      Again, thanks.

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      I love my Rockshox Revelation

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