Vermont Clubs and Organizations

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      Discuss local mountain bike clubs and organizations in Vermont. Organize trail work days, group rides, and more! Send a PM to trek7k if you would like to be considered for the Vermont forum moderator position (don’t forget to include the name of the state you would like to moderate).

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      Check out Fellowship of the Wheel at [url:12qk0pir][/url:12qk0pir]. This is a non-profit organization that maintains many of the popular trail systems around Chittenden County.

      I would suggest joining the fellowship. It’s a minimum of $25 annually, which is tax deductible, and just keep in mind that the money that you donate goes towards tools, wood, gravel, and other supplies that keep these trails in the condition that they are. You’ll receive e-mails of future trail work days and group rides, meet new people, learn new skills, and get included on special sales and events at local shops. Plus you get a free Sleepy Hollow membership.

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