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      Pretty cool video. It exposes just how lame my skills are 😆

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      I checked out a few more of his vids after viewing this link from FB. He’s got one from Freedom Park and a couple of JRPS. One is a trials ride on the rocks of the James, and the other is on the trails. He’s an impressive rider and makes some pretty entertaining videos. Good find.

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      I wish my skills were 1/100th of that

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      I have always been impressed with riding skills like that. I wished I was at that level myself. One day… maybe.

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      Heck yeah! Looks fun to me!

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      The ease with which he hops up on a 3 foot log just blows me away. 😄 My version of that would be much uglier. 😆

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      Great video! This guy’s skills are amazing.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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