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      So i have this Trek elite 8.9 hardtail from 2014. It was not the best alu hardtail on Trek catalogy back then but pretty close. However it feels most of the time very harsh to drive especially hard packed snow and roots also. I know that it is hardtail,not FS but with Reba dual air SL fork it should feel better,fork is fine but it dont help. I have Cannondale Trail 2  29″ from 2019 my hardtail and it feels super comfy vs Trek. Of course it has more modern geometry and 29 wheels but i just dont get why my Trek feels so uncomfy no matter how i adjust the fork or what tyre pressure i have,espescially front is very hars,harder than tail and that is where fork is. I have checked my sag, neg and pos airpressures are just as should and so on 🤷

      Does all older(and newer) Trek bikes feel so harsh or is it just too stiff frame? And how about Trek these days? Im planning to buy a FS but i same riding characteristcs are present on modern Trek bike i do avoid them. Or is it just that i should take carbon frame not alu 🤷?


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      Frankly, there  are a couple things at work here. One is a stout, stiff frame. Second is the fork has poor performance or is not adjusted/setup properly. Cannot say anything for or against Trek for their products since I am not using them.

      My steel Middlechild is a very stiff framed bike with a  Pike stuffed in the front. Rides like a dream! Wheels are i45mm with 27.5 x 3.0 rubber. Since I am a beanpole, I don’t require DH rated tires and use ~750g tires and SL tubes. Tubeless is non starter since I swap tires frequently and also have an expectation of tire feel/performance that sealant residue interferes with. So, the unicorn that nobody knew was on the market back in the ’90’s (Mavic) is nothing new.

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      Rockshox changes the names of their forks and recycles them on different models with different capability all the time.  It’s confusing.

      Reba has mostly been used on lower or middle-tier forks.  So your fork may not be very good for your riding style and trails.  And, it’s old enough to need service, possibly pretty badly, so it may not be functioning even up to its mid-grade standard.  If you have a good mtb shop around, they could probably do the seal, bushing, and oil service and that might fix it right up.  Or you could try it yourself.  The work isn’t that difficult, but finding the right parts kit can be a challenge, again because of Rockshox’ “naming practices.”

      In any event, I suspect that it is your fork that is the problem, whether it was not very good in the first place, or is not working properly.

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        Yes i know that about names,then again mine is dual air fork with decent rebound setting and it has”gold” coating on stanchons so i know that it is not low end fork. Besides i had Rock Shox Recon air silver on my 29″ Cannondale which i just sold and it felt way better in every way even with that shitty fork…Trek is from 2014 and Dale was 2021 so there is a little cap between them. Well im gonna service my fork,bottom bracket and headset on my Trek. I dont need it for a while becausw i bought Mondraker Foxy my 2022 just last week,what a blast 👍👌

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