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      You reviewed Potter’s Pastures yesterday on here. Thank you because I was going to stop there on my way back from Utah. Was… If it isn’t worth it on the way home, I’m not stopping. Thanks.


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      It honestly wasn’t my intention to steer anyone away from the trail!!!

      It just really hit me the wrong way and we packed it in before we could explore everything, so there may be better stuff available. We tried to hit all the lengthy red (most difficult) sections and didn’t find anything that warranted the cowpoop climbs, so we packed it in a little early, especially because it was pushing 90 with almost that much humidity. It may well be the best trail in NE (as it is often billed) and we just didn’t get to see the best of what it had to offer. If you’re in Bellevue, it’d be an easy day trip and may be worth a quick buzz if you’re looking for something new.

      We had high hopes for the next day to ride a trail not yet in the singletracks database–Calvin Crest which actually sits on a private bible camp, but is open to the public, just south of the river in Fremont, NE. But an inch of rain overnight made the trails impassible (they are black snot, not the nicely draining sand of Potters).

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      Calvin Crest is ok, it is a fun ride. I still have no idea how Potter’s Pastures make the list for the best in Nebraska. Watching the YouTube videos doesn’t convince me at all. The Omaha area has a variety of trails and I just might stop at Potter’s Pastures on the way back from Moab. If it’s not worth it compared to trails in the Omaha area, I’ll definitely post that up.

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