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      I am building up a Single Speed 29er and want some recomendations on light XC rims.

      I weigh about 165 lbs and ride mostly hardpack with some roots.

      I dont want to spend $800 on rims, but I dont want any cheapos either. Middle to upper end quality stuff.

      WHo has some recommendations?

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      Stans arch – light but not weak and makes tubeless a snap

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      You just want rims or a whole wheelset? Stans rims run about $85 per wheel (29" version) and they are among the more expensive rims out there.

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      I need the whole wheelset

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      I know you said mid grade but I just had to say that a buddy of mine just got some i9’s in anodized green and I must say they are outta hand wheels. I think if you saw and rode these wheels you would wait and save some more just to get them.

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      I run Easton XC Ones on my HT 29er and love em. Here’s the full review in case you missed it: … et-review/

      JensonUSA has the pair (SS version) for $699 which ain’t bad. The Easton XC Two is also a decent 29er wheel set and Jenson has them for just $300! … elset.aspx

      I will say the XC Twos don’t seem to be nearly as strong as the XC Ones. I just bent the crap out of the front wheel on an XC Two set this week and the guys at the shop say it needs a new rim & spokes 😢 Was going downhill at night and endo’d the bike which might have done the same to my XC Ones – but I wonder…

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