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      On the forth day of six days of riding Miami area.. Staying in Weston a mile from Markham Park trails.. rode there twice, and rode Amelia Earhart park, and Virginia Key Trails.  Markham is great but signage is hard to follow. Earhart great flow trails, loved it but much of it is almost pump-track like, you really have to keep up your momentum, wears you out. Virginia Key has great signage and moves easily from one trail to another. My favorite of the three but the traffic to get in and out is brutal, probably will not go back this week. All three have very easy trails, intermediate trails and some pretty tough trails.

      Spent a half hour of out first day at Markham calling 911 and waiting for the paramedics after we saw someone crash hard and get knocked out on the Crime Scene trail big downhill. When we left he was up and walking around with his friend, but paramedics said he still didn’t know where he was.

      looks like rain tomorrow, probably will take a day off and ride Markham again Saturday.

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