Specialized pitch 27.5 tubeless conversion

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      What is the best way to convert? Do I just need rim tape and a stans valve? Or do I need to but the rubber strip with the valve attached?

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      If I had to convert a set of non tubeless ready wheels again, I would opt for the the rim tape and stem setup.

      My experience with the rubber tape and stem was not that great. The valve stem is very sensitive to over tightening and would tear the seal if you went just past where you should have stopped.

      I would always be lucky to get one ride without losing too much air.

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      I’ve always had pretty good luck with the Gorilla Tape/tubeless valve method. Ironically, the hardest time I’ve had getting a valve to seal has been with “Tubeless Ready” wheels on my newest bike…

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      same bike

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      I just converted my Specialized Fuse (27.5+  3″ tires) to tubeless.  Wheels came already taped and I installed a Stan’s valve stem (with the rubber gasket thingy).  Removed valve cores, pumped up to seat the beads (with the help of a little soapy water), then allowed to deflate.  Added 120-ml (about 4-oz) of Stan’s No-Tube Sealant through the valve stems (with core still removed) then reinstalled valve cores and pumped up to 20 psi.  Bounced wheels around like a basketball for a couple minutes to spread the sealant around then put back on bike.  Two weeks and 50 – 60 miles in, no issues.

      I recommend this rim tape, valves and sealant.

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