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      I’ve been considering a custom 26″ DJ/trail hardtail for dirt jumps, pump tracks, indoor park, mellow trails and winter riding. I would specify it such that 27.5″ wheels will fit too.

      However, someone is selling an older – like 2008 – 26″ full suspension in medium (I would ride a modern medium/large). I think but can’t confirm that the size and geo are similar to modern DJs. Price for whole bike is about same as custom frame-only.

      What do you think? Will I be throwing good money after bad if I upgrade to 1x, wider riser bars and dropper?

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      Pithy little dirt toy with an attitude.

      The above is a 27.5+ capable of 29+. Wouldn’t recommend 26 on this bike for clearance reasons but just as at home on a rail trail as a bike park. The frame is from RSD of Toronto, Canadia. Price point is very reasonable for a steel frame. A fellow can either go frame only or complete. The model is the Middlechild. What frame material gives you a grin? It’s available in aluminum, steel or Ti.

      Geometry is play time centric. Bitchen? Well, hells yeah.

      If this bike wasn’t far less coin than a custom frame, I woulda been on the horn to Quiring for a fully custom Ti…


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      chromag stylus will do 27.5 or 26 plus…. brand new though

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