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      I am going on a family vacation to Ontario near Halliburton and Caenarvon.  I was looking for singletrack within an hour drive.  Also if there is some easier stuff around my 6 year old will probably want to ride some to.

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      I stayed and rode in Carnevon years ago , nothing official in that area but there are numerous atv trails that go everywhere . You can check an atv web site and go to trail forks for single track.

      I did go to Halliburton forest and wildlife preserve , loads of main roads gravel , wide paths for a 6 year old but once off those it’s great hiking/biking single track, way out back woods style


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      Buckwallow is great mix of easy flow trails for your 6 year old, and excellent technical rock riding that is unlike anywhere else in the province. Trails are beautifully maintained, and accessed from a fire-road loop (so you can easily omit the hard trails for your son without impacting flow).

      The difficulty ratings are posted for each trail from 1-5. Anything 3 or less should be fine for your son, with a few walkarounds. Try the 4’s if you’re feeling brave, don’t bother with the 5’s unless the 4’s seem too easy (The 5’s are a real challenge, and unridable even for most experienced riders).

      You have to pay cash, its about $10. Ride from 1-3 hours depending on how many trails you add.

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