Shimano Brakes Howling

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      Hey guys,

      I have Shimano brakes and rotors on my XC bike and for a while now I have been having an on-again off-again issue going on with my front brake only.  Sometimes when I release the front brake lever after using the brake it seems like the rotor begins to vibrate and then howl for some time.  Sometimes flicking the brake handle will get it to stop, sometimes I have to ride over some rough terrain to get it to stop, sometimes it just goes on and on for a few mins before it goes away.  I can feel it slightly adding some resistance so it seems like the caliper may be vibrating at such a frequency that is causing the pads to chatter against it?  I have no idea.  I took it to my LBS who checked it all out verified everything was straight and true, did some minor adjustments and they couldnt reproduce the issue.  Sure enough a few turns into my next ride the same issue happens again.

      Any ideas?  The sound is very similar to what is shown in this video.  I have not yet tried the zip tie trick, I will do that.  Have any of you run into this before?

      Paul Cybulski

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      1. Would love to know I have the  same issue 
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      Never had this happen, just some squeaking. Just needs to be cleaned with some 90% alcohol.

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