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      I am here in San Antonio for about 18 months for some officer training and am looking to hit some great outdoor mountain biking trails (or as close to mountain biking as I can get) within 90 minutes or so of San Antonio. Government Canyon State Park was an utter disappointment and I am not aware of any other trail systems in this area of the state. Any help would be most appreciated.

      Sincerely, Frustrated Biker Man

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      If you rode all of Govt Canyon (top and bottom) and it was a disappoint, then it will be a long 18 months.  Flat Rock ranch is currently closed due to hunting season and will reopen in January.  It’s considered the best riding spot in Texas and is abut 45 min. west of San Antonio.


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      Here ya go. I rode McAllister Park years ago and it’s pretty fun. Rocky Hill Ranch is a hoot too.

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      Thank you all for the help and pointers! I apologize for the delay. I will use your pointers and check those places out.

      – Dustin

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      Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort

      Hill Country SNA in Bandera

      If you can break away for a few days, hit the Chihuahuan Desert Dirt Fest in Feb. down in Lajitas.

      Chihuahuan Desert Bike Fest



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