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      Hey I’m looking into getting a full suspension bike after riding a 2016 surly ice cream truck (29+ setup) for single track and was wondering if $1000 (Canadian) was a good deal on a 2011 Rocky Mountain Slayer 70. Is a bike that old going to be so outdated that it’s not worth buying? I’m hesitant to committing $3000 plus in the event I don’t love a full suspension.

      Thanks in advance,

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      Based on the deal seems on the good side. But as far as being outdated I would be hesitant. The biggest red flag in my book to start with is the wheels are 26″. You have been riding a 29er probably with plus size tires. That is quite a difference in wheels alone. Grew up riding 26″ and now have one 29er and one 27.5. I wouldn’t want to go back to the smaller wheel and tires. I am a fan of the bike you already have but my guess there is a riding style you want to change to and the bike might be a bit much.

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      Thanks for the input. I really enjoy my ice cream truck, its awesome.  I’m simply curious about the advantages of a full suspension to a hardtail and whether I will enjoy it to the point where switching bikes is worth it.  I should also mention that I don’t really have much space to have multiple bikes so if I did get a new whip I would most likely be parting ways with my ICT.


      My other thought was to get a fork for my ICT to help dampen some of the rocks and roots on the trails I ride.  Again thanks for any and all input.

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      If you’ve been riding a 29+ bike for a while, I doubt that you will be happy with anything less than a 29er.  In addition, those old bikes have very outdated geometry and drivetrains by modern standards.  In my opinion, the Slayer is so old, it’s only worth about $200.

      You should be aware that you don’t have to spend $3000 to get a good full-sus 29er.  You can get some really great bikes for about $2000.

      YT Jeffsy Base 29 $2300

      Vitus Mythique 29 $2000

      Trek Fuel Ex 29 $2100

      Scott Spark 29 $2000

      Commencal Meta TR 29 $2000

      Don’t waste your money buying an outdated bike. I think you will be much happier buying one of these bikes.  If you are worried about getting to much travel,  buy the shorter-travel Scott or Trek.  Honestly, I think you are going to enjoy a full-sus bike.  Most mountain bikers love full-sus.

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        (To add a bit more.)  In my opinion, I would choose the Commencal or the Vitus.  I think the Commencal is the best bike but the Vitus has the best fork.

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      I can’t speak from first hand knowledge of full suspension bike. I have two hardtails, 27.5 and 29er. They are very similar and both a blast to ride. If I had to choose I would keep my 29er currently running 2.4 tires but when time for new tires I am going to 2.6 since that is the biggest the frame will hold. I imagine you would be surprised how much a fork on the front of the bike would change the ride. I think you might also be surprised how much you oversize tires do as compared to smaller tires. I can feel quite a bit of difference from my 2.4s compared to the 2.8s on the other bike. The 2.8s absorb a lot, offer so much traction and other more subtle differences. My guess is you can get a good quality fork for you bike and save money. Not sure if it is possible but if your LBS or a friend have a similar type hard tail to your bike, I would try and demo/test ride. That alone may tell you if that is what you like or if you want to consider to explore other options.

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      Thanks for the replies, I absolutely love the feedback.  I leaning towards finding a suspension fork for my ICT – I know it can fit a bluto, wondering about a Mastodon?

      Also I will be trying to find someone with a similar setup, as that would be ideal, so my search begins.

      I have began doing some research into the full suspension bikes mentioned by Bike Nerd and I’ll see where that takes me.

      Lastly, thanks to the help here I will be not pursuing an older model bike for the reasons mentioned above.

      As always thanks for all the wonderful feedback.

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      What fork should I be aiming to add to my ICT and why?

      1.  Bluto RL

      2. Bluto RC3

      3. Mastodon (Have to ensure it will work but I think it should)

      Thanks in advance.

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      Quick Google search on those forks and they all look very capable. Not sure there is a choice that sticks out but maybe someone else will comment that knows more. Personally I would lean towards the Mastodon but that is because it is made by Manitou and they are a unique fork. Quality fork like a Rock Shox. Honestly since they all seem quality I would want the unique one just to say it is my bike. But someone else may weigh I here and give a more informed answer.

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      I have a Trek Farley with a Bluto fork that I converted to 29+.   While the Bluto is much better than a rigid fork, it is not a very good fork.  I call it the Pogo Stick.  I can never get it adjusted right.  It either falls through its travel to easily or it doesn’t move much at all.  It is also very flexy.   The Bluto is just a widened version of a $300 Rock Shox fork like the Recon that would go on an inexpensive bike.  However, because it is made for Fatbikes, a new one costs more than $600.   If it was just $300, I would say go for it.  (For $600, you can get some very good normal Boost width forks.)  Maybe you can find a deal if you search online.

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