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      Hey!  I’m not a newbie but rather re introducing myself to mountain biking after a 15 year hiatus.  I have A 1994 Specialized Hard Rock ultra 26″ that I bought new.  In 1996 I put a rock shox quadra 21 on it.

      the shock only has about an inch of travel. I want to upgrade to a newer shock that has closer to 100mm of travel.  I see that there are so many different sizes out there. howe do I measure mine to figure out what size I need? So many choices…

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      Your first step is measuring the the length of the sock (dropout to crown). This is because if you get a shock to much longer than your old one the added length will do weird things t your bike’s geometry. At first it might be welcomed, making slacker headtube angles and higher bottom brackets (if your into that thing), but after to much is added the risk that the pressure points on the frame are different is very high. This can cause the frame to crack or even break. The general rule is don’t go higher than 20mm over the original amount of suspension, but yours has so little you could probably go more.

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