Riser Bars on an XC bike???

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      My Stump Jumper FSR came with a “mid-rise” (I think a 1″ rise)Specialized bar. As I’ve been riding it for the past two months, I’ve noticed on long spinning sessions up some of the hills, I tend to need a higher rise in the bars otherwise I’m bent forward to much and it gets uncomfortable. I start steering with my finger tips. Plus, the lower rise with a longer stem kinda makes me sketch out on steep technical decents…

      I ordered the Answer ProTaper OS bar with a 2″ rise (I have been riding with ProTapers on my moto-ride for years and have come to trust on their durability).

      Anyway, I’m assuming the “rise” that Specialized spec’ed out for the bike is to appeal to a “general” buyer. Is there any advantage of a lower rise bar over a high rise bar? I’ve read the dynamics of the straight bars used on mainly XC bikes are so your riding position is over the front wheel to keep it down on climbs…

      I already bought the bars and will give ’em a whirl when they come in…I was curious if anyone had any cautions against a 2″ high rise bar on more of an XC bike with an aggressive rider? Will it through off some design formula Specialized came up with? Or am I just being a weenie and reading to many magazines? As long as their comfortable…right?

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      "KenfromCali" wrote

      As long as their comfortable…right?

      That’s always been my belief…IMO, if you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to ride longer, have better balance, and have more fun. Don’t over-analyze, try different set-ups and see what works for you.

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      Answer OS bars with 2″ rise have been on my bike a few weeks…In case anyone else had the desire to know…the extra inch in the bars definetly lets the front wheel come up a bit easier on steep climbs…but I’ve been able to compensate fairly easily by leaning forward ever so slightly…

      The bars do make long “spinning sessions” a lot more comfortable. I’m not so hunched over and my hands don’t cramp up from leaning on them so much!!!

      One last noticable change…This was huge for me…On downhill technical hills, I don’t seem to get sketched out from being over the front wheel as much. I am much more comfortable and feel I can get back over the back tire a bit easier (duh…that’s why the put the higher rise on DH bikes too!!!)…

      Anyway…bike rides a lot nicer with the bar change!!! Now what to spend my money on?!?!?

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      Hey, I hear you…..

      The flat bars on my old trail bike, combined with a 100mm stem, had me feeling like Armstrong…. It helped a LOT with climbs and hard-core speeding, but dayum!…. my back & wrists hurt a bundle afterwards.

      Now with these massive rise backswept bars and short stem that I have on my Nomad, I feel like I’m riding a pseudo beach-cruiser. My riding position is nearly vertical, and the front wheel comes up very easily on climbs…..

      But oh my….. the trade-off for descents is @$&^&!@’ing sweet.
      The riser bars also allow me to really crank on my wheel on switchbacks, and still afford me a measure of stability, as my balance isn’t so centered over the front wheel. That tire provides direction only, and traction is given there only when I choose.

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