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      Hello All! I recently wrote a blog titled 5 Tips for Raising Kids that Love to Ride. My wife and I have done our best to fundamentally integrate bikes into our children’s lives and the results have been pretty great.

      What do you do that fosters a passion for riding in your kids? I look forward to hearing from you!


      Josh Pennington

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      I don’t have any advice to share yet (my son just turned 1 and is getting a balance bike for Christmas), but you just got another subscriber to your blog!

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      Thanks, there’s great info in there. My 2 1/2 year old daughter has had a balance bike for a year. She doesn’t ride it much yet but she loves working on it when I wrench on my stuff. Any involvement is good in this case and I expect her interest to grow along with her. I bought a thule kids seat for my bike that she loves as well, and is hopefully stoking the interest in her own bike more.

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      Here’s my advice….move to Whistler. I saw 100 time more kids under the age of 10 riding there in one week than I’ve seen riding in 25+ years of riding in the states. Yes 100 times, that is NO exaggeration. I rode the lifts with 9 year old girls riding (alone) with full suspension 24 bikes and wearing full pads and full face helmets. I’ve never seen that once in the US. Another day I was hiking in the Lost Lake area and ran across a group of 5 year olds (the little boy actually said he was 4 3/4) riding legit blue XC trails.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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