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      New guy here. Just getting into the sport. Been running but thinking I’m going to switch to trail riding.
      Anyway, got a decent deal (I think) on an older, upgraded GT bike with a RockShox Judy fork. I tried to find out what year and how to, or if it is even possible to, adjust. I found the lookup website but the number I type in says it isn’t found.
      Here’s the serial number and a couple pics.

      Any info would be appreciated on adjustment and any beginner tips! 😉 TIAMy new bikeRockShox

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      Had a very similiar situation years ago when I first started getting into mountain biking. I think it may have been a Rockshox Judy. Turns out the bike was old enough that model had changed so much that there were no parts or info on it because of modernization. Chances are fork is way out of date. If you could get someone on the phone can be really helpful or talk to you local bike shop that deals with MTB bikes.

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