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      So I am a podcast fiend and listen almost any chance I get. Anyone know of cycling specific podcast? If not what is everyone else listening too?

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      MTBRadio: http://www.mountainbikeradio.com/

      MTBCast: http://mtbcast.com/site2/

      Roadie: http://thecyclingpodcast.com/

      Those are the only casts I’m personally familiar with.

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      To expand a little on Schwim’s recommendations, I enjoy Just Riding Along on mountainbikeradio. The hosts are informative, funny and a bit sarcastic at times!

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      Thanks for the info. I am honestly a little shocked there are three different podcast available for cycling. I am gonna have to check all of them out.

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      Not sure if you saw it but Singletracks just launched a podcast late last week. We’re going ultra simple at first but definitely plan to devote more resources to it as we gain listeners. For now, hopefully it offers an easy way to catch up on MTB news when you’re away from the computer!

      Singletracks MTB News Podcast: Episode 0

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      I listened and it was interesting, thanks for putting it up!  Looking forward to future episodes and see how this develops.  When will you post the next installment?

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      So far we’ve been posting new episodes around mid-day eastern time. Tomorrow’s podcast will be a little different and might be available a little earlier in the day.

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      I don’t even follow podcasts and I loved it!  Clarity is top notch and I can hear your voice easily over the crickets in my ears 🙂

Viewing 7 reply threads

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