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      I’m 50 looking at getting into the sport any opinions on Specialized Rockhopper vs. GF Marlin vs Giant Yukon. Cand afford the Rockhopper or Marlin with discs…

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      all three are not bad choices,go to your LBS and ride them, see what one feels the best. I use to own a Rockhopper and it wasn’t a bad bike and I my dad just bought and he loves it.

      But I really love my new bike. 😛

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      I personally prefer Gary Fisher bikes. Even if the bikes in question are dead-even in component spec, and the GF is a little more pricey, I’ll still go with a Fisher. The reason being that their customer service is top-notch, their frame geometry is nicely thought-out & effective, and the frames themselves tend to be a bit lighter & stronger than most comparable hardtails.

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      I think the Rockhopper has the lightest frame out of all if this. The 08 frame is made of M4 which is what the 07 Stumpjumper hardtail was made out of. But like what was said they are about the same the same bike.

      Go test ride them all see which one you like best. That would be the best choice.

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      If I were you I would pay just a little more and get a quality 29er. The gary fisher cobia comes with really great parts, is light for a 29er, and will give you a very different ride experience. Plus the ground clearance is like 2inches higher. If you are new to the sport, you will be able to ride much more technical terrain with a 29er. Also it climbs like a goat.

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      [color=green:3g1grdc5]Scott hasn’t become really well known yet, but I definitely recommend taking a look at them. I bought a Scale 50 a few months ago and LOVE it. If that price is out of your range look at the Ascent frame. It is a well built, great quality frame that can be upgraded as you see fit.
      Good luck.

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