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      Hey everybody, if you didn’t see it already SRAM introduced a new (but not new?) BB standard. From what I understand it’s designed to fit in most existing frames and provide a single crank spindle size. I’m considering upgrading my current bike (with a BSA BB) to GX Eagle and I’m wondering if people think the 6MM spindle width will make a difference. Can anyone tell the difference currently between the 24mm and 30mm standards?

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      I cannot not tell you what the difference is (other than the obvious diameter), or why you should or should not use one or the other. But I can tell you the SRAM GX (descendent 6K) crank  set is 24mm, On my new Evil Insurgent I have that crank with a SRAM BSA BB and it is high quality. It feels, and works great.

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      I don’t think it matters and certainly is not worth getting worked up over. If you are already running a SRAM crank you have to use their BB’s (or an aftermarket one CK, Wheels Manufacturing, etc) anyway and these will remain available until whenever. Otherwise you go with Shimano, Race Face, etc and those cranksets. When you buy new DUB cranks or a bike equipped with DUB no big deal. BB’s aren’t expensive and if they hold up even better, fantastic.

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      Adapters and modular crank systems are nothing new. I doubt that reducing the spindle diameter 1 mm (down from 30 mm) really allowed greatly improved bearings and seals as SRAM claims. Chris King doesn’t seem to have any problem with their 30 mm spindle bottom brackets. Still, DUB is not bad—just more hype than help.

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        @drcbrath I think SRAM’s whole point with this is that there aren’t any adaptors. You just pick the correct Dub BB for your frame and any Dub crankset will work.

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