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      Just wanted to drop a line and say hello to everyone. Looks like a great forum with knowledgable posters.

      I’ve only been riding for about a year and a half here in WV. Currently on a Giant Yukon hardtail but been thinking about upgrading to an all-mountain FS. Any suggestions?

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      Welcome to the forum WVMTBer. I live in the other VA. So far most of my riding has been in western VA within 1.5 hours of the Roanoke area. I have yet to venture over the border to your area, but it will probably happen soon.

      Personally I really like FS bikes. I’m on my second one, but don’t feel like I can fairly compare hardtail versus FS since my only hardtails were of K-mart varieties. There are so many FS bikes out there. You are probably looking at $800-1000 low end, and the prices just go up from there. Better components, lower weight, frame/shock design, and mechanical versus disc brakes determine the price difference. If you do a lot of climbing, weight will be more critical. Go to all your local bike shops and try as many models as you can in you price range when you get serious.

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      Hello CraigCreek. I was actually just down in the Salem/Roanoke area for a meeting at the Salem convention center…very nice area. I bet there is a lot of good riding down your way. If you’re looking to ride in WV, you may want to check out Snowshoe Mountain. I know they have some reasonable package deals during the summer that include lodging and lift ticket. I haven’t ridden it yet but plan to this year. Of course I’ll have to wait for the snow to melt. 😃

      Check it out!

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      I’m thinking about investing a little money in my current bike (Giant Yukon hard-tail) and using it on local less demanding trail-riding. To tackle the more challenging terrain, I’d like to have a FS bike with at least 6" of travel. Downhill is definitely something I think I would enjoy, and with Snowshoe Mountain within my range, it may be worth the investment.[/url]

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