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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Installed m7120 slx brakes with an xt rotor. Bled the brakes but can not get rid of the rub. Both calipers have adapters in them. Any help.</p>

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      A good bleed is an important step but do not forget the rotors… They all have some runout and require truing. I try to keep my rotors +/- .002″ so that the brakes can actually self adjust and lever will be full and solid feeling.

      Spin the wheel and use a flashlight to view the space between the rotors and pads. You might likely see the runout as you do so. A large amount of runout will retract the pistons into the calipers and cause extra travel of both the piston/pad and the lever.


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      Ride them a few times before driving yourself nuts.

      rotors and pads need to bed together.


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