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      What hit me? I recently moved from the Pacific Northwest (Oregon) to the Northeast (Connecticut). I wouldn’t say it’s a drastic change, but its a change all right.

      For the history books, and anyone else considering following my path, let me help prepare you. I’d love to hear from other members what I may be getting wrong, or missing (or getting right!).

      First, welcome to the Northeast! Those long, lung bursting climbs you used to go on? They’re not here. The long descent along the ridge, before diving into the forest, where a trail of soft soil and needles and quick turns that you used to have? They’re not out here either.

      Instead, there’s roots and rocks. You always wanted to test your technical skills right? Oh, you thought you were doing that in the Cascades already? Not even close. This part of the country has REAL rock gardens. And plenty of them. And the most abrupt bending, twisting, warped root systems you’ll find. The first ride or two over "intermediate" terrain you will be dreaming about in your sleep.

      Whether you think of that as good news or bad, there is definitely some good news. Back there, where the trails are 10-1 "no bikes allowed", here, it’s the other way around. For every trail you can’t ride a bike on, here there are 10 you can. Granted, there isn’t the grand wilderness there is there. Sorry. You’ll like Maine, but it’s not the same. However there’s plenty of places to ride out here. Plenty. And oh, those snobby hikers you see on the trails out west, who view all wilderness as sacred and give you dirty looks even if you slowly, and politely ride by, those are rare breeds here. People don’t seem to mind at all.

      Hey, that nice trail bike you just spent a lot of money on? Ditch it. You’re going to want a cross country bike, and one that is built for dynamic trails. Those 740mm bars you’ve fallen in love with? Get out the hack saw. Never thought you needed Fox forks? Always hated the idea of a FS bike? You may soon change your mind.

      Finally, this place has winter. You thought you had winter, but you don’t. Not even close. There, it’s just wet, with maybe a few cold weeks. Here gets a full season of winter, real, deep, snowy, bitter cold winter. Imagine the top of Mt. Rainier, it’s weather, only it’s in your home town.

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      Haha – this is awesome. There isn’t a ton of New England presence on, and I often find myself looking at the rest of the country’s trails where they say "technical" and I see "pretty standard."

      The biggest difference is I often wonder why so many people seem to be able to crush 20 mile rides on an afternoon out west… oh, it’s because 75% isn’t roots and rocks covered in switchbacks. 😃

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      The trails around here have definitely made the learning curve a bit steeper for sure. Especially using clipless.

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      Yes. Both of you. Agree completely. Not that every trail out here is brutal, but as Fitch says, you’d be hard pressed to find a 20 mile stretch of anywhere in all of New England you can crush in an afternoon. It’s much more likely you’re not going to get more than 20 [i:15h5x9y0]yards[/i:15h5x9y0] before running into some sort of rock or root system to keep you on your toes!

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