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      Does anyone have any experience with manitou forks.  I have a line to get a brand new Manitou Marvel Pro for $325 and am looking to replace the junk SrSuntour XCM on my Trek Marlin.  I would like to know if the travel is internaly adjustable with shims like some of the other air forks on the market.  This will be my first air fork so I do not know a lot about them.  Looking at the specs it seems to be a good bang for the buck for my needs, and a definate upgrade from what I have now.


      It also comes with the remote lockout for that price!

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      Also if anyone would have any info on how wide a tire will fit in this fork.





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      i’ve got a manitou fork on my voodoo, it’s smooth/responsive with several different resistance settings.  great shock

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      rock shox

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