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      My friends and I are looking for a mountain bike ride/camping trip that can be supported with a vehicle. Last year we did the White Rim Trail in Utah and we are looking for a similar trip to do this summer. Internet research hasn’t resulted in any rides that fit into our parameters.
      Can you recommend any rides in your neck of the woods or beyond that might be a good fit for us.
      Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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      Here’s one idea:

      There are more glamourous destinations, but it is a challenging ride. It is an abandoned forest access road (50 years ago?) across some challenging terrain.
      Camping is at the south end.
      Consider avoiding the spring and early summer, as it can be very wet.
      Also, if you have spare tires and tubes, it might be a good idea to bring them along.

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        Central Idaho has some trips like you describe with hotsprings stops and camps.  Check out Steve Stuebner’s “Mountain Bike McCall” book and go to http://payettepowderguides.com/mtb/ for more information.



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      Not really sure what you are looking for exactly (single track, two track, dirt roads, no pavement what-so-ever, etc).  Possible routes to look into:  Kokopelli Trail (CO and UT), Paradox Trail (CO and UT), Tabeguache Trail (CO), Weiser River National Recreation Trail (ID) (may be a little short, but lots of access points for a SAG), linking the C&O Trail and GAP Trails (or picking just one of them) (Washington D.C., MD, and PA), linking the Flint Hills Nature Trail and Prairie Spirit Rail Trails (KS), Gandy Dancer Trail (WI and MN), just to name a few.

      You can also try segments of larger trails: Oregon Timber Trail (OR), Colorado Trail (CO) (segments between Denver and Breckenridge or to Buena Vista is a good option), Idaho Trail (ID), Continental Divide Trail (NM, CO, WY, MT, ID), Arizona Trail (AZ), Ozark Trail (MO), Tahoe Rim Trail (CA)

      Here are a couple resources you can try if you haven’t already:

      https://www.mtbproject.com/  Go to the map and adjust the mileage parameter to find trails over 40 miles.  I was just doing this yesterday to find some good routes to try to bikepack myself.  All trails have .gpx downloads for your GPS.

      http://www.bikepacking.com/bikepacking-routes/    Several good options on this site that have detailed descriptions.  Many also have .gpx downloads for your GPS.

      Let us know what you end up deciding or if you find other good resources.  I plan on doing the C&O and GAP Trails this summer with my wife, and possibly trying the Colorado Trail again.  I am also on the lookout for some good 3-4 day options to do with a friend over a long weekend, so please share anything you find out.  Thanks.

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      You might also enjoy a hut-to-hut trip like this: https://sanjuanhuts.com/mtb/durango-paradox

      Oh, and also the Ramble rides: http://ramblerides.com/

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