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      I got a used bike from a friend and am wanting to get in in better condition. I have a few questions about how to  do certain things and I do not have much knowledge in this field so Iam asking you guys for some advice such as:

      Which parts of the bike do I have to clean and with what..degreaser?just plain soap?…

      how do I make sure the front suspension is working and if not how do i clean and improve it

      If i were to sandblast the frame should I remove the pedals and the gears along with them?

      I have a few questions more and will probably get a few more as I go along with the project. I can provide photos so If anyone can help me out, I thank you very much


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      Start by cleaning everything using car wash soap (I like the pink stuff) or dish soap if you don’t have car wash soap. You might need to use degreaser on the chain, cassette, and crank if the soap doesn’t cut it.

      Sandblasting the frame is a big job. You need to remove EVERYTHING, pedals, gears, bottom bracket, head set, etc. It’s rarely worth it.

      Check if the suspension is at least holding air by topping it off with a shock pump and checking it after a ride or two. Wipe down the stanchions.

      That should get you started!

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